Class Agenda

Week of October 9-13th:

Next week, we will be focusing on the 3 main states of matter.  I do not believe that there will be much homework this next week.  However, this gives students an excellent opportunity to just bring ISNs home to review the material learned each day.  We will spend one day doing activities 
with each state of matter, and then on Thursday we will formulate notes on the states of matter based on what we experienced Monday-Wednesday.  Friday will be a day of formative assessment to see if they understand the content.

The following week we will be learning about the phase changes between the states of matter.  This will conclude with a test on states of matter and phase changes Friday, October 20th.


Over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), students will need to track their water usage.  I will be explaining this to them on Friday, but please remind them of this task over the weekend.  Also, I will be sending home an extra credit assignment on Friday that will be due on Monday.


Here is the agenda:


Thursday 3/9/17:  Water Conservation Article Reading and Discussion--No Homework

Friday 3/10/17:  Water Consumption Audit Introduction, Water Conservation Video Clips and Discussion---homework is tallying all water usage


Monday 3/13/17:  Water Consumption Calculations and Analysis, go over Water Conservation Awareness Project

Tuesday 3/14/17:  Work on Project

Wednesday 3/15/17:  PHMS Counselors in Science Class for 8th grade class selection

Thursday 3/16/17:  Work on Project

Friday 3/17/17:  1/2 Day for Teacher records--work on anything still left for project---project is due on Monday!