Class Agenda

Monday 9/24/18:  Practicing creating productive feedback (model creation and model critiques)

Tuesday 9/25/18:  Science circle, model creation, productive feedback review--review for mini quiz

Wednesday 9/26/18:  Science Practices mini quiz, Begin Human Body Systems Overview

Thursday 9/27/18:  Human Body Systems Overview

Friday 9/28/18:  Finish Human Body Systems Overview

Over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), students will need to track their water usage.  I will be explaining this to them on Friday, but please remind them of this task over the weekend.  Also, I will be sending home an extra credit assignment on Friday that will be due on Monday.


Here is the agenda:


Thursday 3/9/17:  Water Conservation Article Reading and Discussion--No Homework

Friday 3/10/17:  Water Consumption Audit Introduction, Water Conservation Video Clips and Discussion---homework is tallying all water usage


Monday 3/13/17:  Water Consumption Calculations and Analysis, go over Water Conservation Awareness Project

Tuesday 3/14/17:  Work on Project

Wednesday 3/15/17:  PHMS Counselors in Science Class for 8th grade class selection

Thursday 3/16/17:  Work on Project

Friday 3/17/17:  1/2 Day for Teacher records--work on anything still left for project---project is due on Monday!