6th and 7th Grade Information


6th and 7th Graders and Families, as this site is updated you will come to this page for updated handouts and information for your band experience.

Band classes are elective components of the BMS curriculum.  This is a performance based class – we play instruments to learn and develop skills as musicians, to develop a lifelong appreciation of music, to learn skills important for our life after school, and for our own enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of others. 

As with other learning environments, there are procedures that should be followed: 

You Should:

  • Follow school rules at all times.
  • Be on time.
  • Stay in your assigned seat during rehearsal.
  • Limit the conversations between you and others during rehearsals.
  • Respect others right to a safe and productive learning environment
  • Come to class ready to rehearse
  • Handle your instrument with care and use care around other instruments.
  • Put away all instruments, music and equipment at the end of class and clean-up around your area.

You Should Not:

  • Bring food, drink or gum into the classroom.
  • Play or touch any other instrument other than your own.
  • Damage any school property including music and instruments.  You will be held responsible for the dollar amount of repairs/replacement.

What should students have at each rehearsal?

  • Their instrument (with their name on a luggage tag or on a tag inside the case)
  • Their Essential Elements method book (with their name written on the inside cover) - Book 1 for Beginners and 6th Grade, Book 2 for 7th Grade -  and music that is handed out in class.
  • Supplies (We sell many of these items at school):
    • Clarinets and Saxophones 
      • 4 playable reeds, size 2.5 (6th grade) size 3 (7th grade)
      • Cork grease
      • Cleaning swab
    • Flutes
      • Cleaning rod and swab
    • Brass
      • Valve oil and grease
    • Percussion
      • Sticks and mallets 
  • A pencil
  • A focused, positive attitude, and a brain on - ready to learn.


Like each of the other core subject areas here at BMS, students are expected to develop a deeper understanding of their subject – learning how to properly play their instrument.  Because of that clear expectation, students must work outside of their classroom in order to develop their abilities on their instrument.  PRACTICE IS THE REQUIRED HOMEWORK FOR THIS COURSE.  While practice time will not be tracked, students should schedule 20-30 minutes of time to practice, at least 3 times per week.  Our normal expectation is that students will be working in the book on the page we are in class, and a minimum of one page ahead.  Failure to practice will most likely result in students that do not perform well on their playing quizzes.  Students need not only practice from their book or from the supplied sheet music.  Parents may also consider other resources, such as play-a-long books to supplement their work from their required materials.

Google Classroom and BAND JEDI!

Google Classroom will be incorporated into our classroom.  Students will use Google Classroom to see and turn in all of our required performance assessments and performance based extra credit (AKA Band Jedi).  Google Classroom can be accessed through apps, online, and through the student’s WBSD email account.  Students should sign up for their classroom right away.

The Google Classroom codes are:
- 7th Grade: mhmzq0
- 6th Grade: 222nxmh
- 6th/7th Beginning Band: r9n6ws6

Band Jedi is our performance assessment.  In Google Classroom you will find a the first assignment listed.  With that assignment is a sheet that lists the entire series of exercises found in their Essential Elements that are assigned. Those that have an asterisk next to the title and a due date listed in the middle column are REQUIRED.  All others can be completed for extra credit.

Students should record their performances using a cell phone, tablet or computer, and then send that video to me via Google Classroom.  If your child does not have access to that technology, they can arrange to play them for me in person.  All students that do have access to the technology and Google Classroom are required to submit via Google Classroom.

Students do not need to turn in the Band Jedi sheet for me to initial.  That is for their use in keeping track of their progress.  I am happy to initial their sheet, should they want my assistance.  They will need to bring it in after they submit their recording, and then I will initial it after I have reviewed their submission.

Extra Credit.  Students can submit the non-required exercises to me for consideration of Band Jedi extra credit.  I will score their submission.  Students that score a 90% or higher will get credit for that exercise.  For every level they complete with scores of at least 90%, they will get extra credit, and will be recognized for reaching a Band Jedi Level.  Students that complete the entire Band Jedi Challenge will receive additional extra credit and a prize.

Classroom management/PBIS Expectations:

Classroom discipline and attendance will be handled using school policies and the PBIS model.  For information regarding those policies, please review the student handbook that was passed out to your student.


Grades will be determined using a total point system.  Points will be given for daily participation, Band Jedi assignments, written assignments and performances.  After school performance will be weighted to equal four quizzes, and students who fail to participate (without a written excuse accepted by the director) will receive a zero for the performance and may fail the marking period.  Parents are encouraged to notify their director in writing if a conflict arises with an after school performance as soon as you become aware of it.  All excuses must be received at least two weeks prior to the scheduled performance.  Extra credit will be given for attending other concerts, private lessons and performance/rehearsals with an out of school organization.  A schedule of our concerts will be posted on the calendar.

  • Grading Scale:
  • 90-100% = A
  • 80-89% = B
  • 70-79% = C
  • 60-69% = D
  • 59% or less = E

(+’s and –‘s will be used, with the exception of A+)

There will be a Practice Club for BMS Band students, on Wednesdays, Starting in September 20th.  Practice Club will run from 3:00 to 4:00. This is a great time for kids to come in and practice if/when they can't at home, or if they want some help.  Students from WHS will be here to tutor students. Students must have their own ride home, and must be picked up by 4:00 PM.