bucket band
The BROWNSTOWN BUCKET BAND was created to perform just like some of the favorite street/stadium performers - BUCKET DRUMMERS! 

The club meets every Thursday, from 3:00 to 4:00.

We will perform 4 to 8 times during the year.

Students wanting to be part of our group must fill out our application, and pay a $45 fee.  The fee covers the cost a pair of drumsticks, a set of professional ear plugs, and a Bucket Band t-shirt.


Here is additional information about the club: 
- Club will be limited to a maximum of 40 members. - All students that submit an application by Thursday, October 3 will be invited to come to our first rehearsal, Thursday, October 3, for an instrumental tryout.  They will be asked to play a series of patterns for Mr. Mobley. Points will be awarded for the number of patterns they play correctly. - Final selection of students will be based on their application and their tryout. - Results will be posted by the band room door on Monday, October 5. - First actual rehearsal is Thursday, October 10.  Rehearsals will be on Thursdays, through May. Students must pay the club fee of $45 at this rehearsal.

EXPECTATIONS - Students will show respect to each other, the director, and all equipment in the band room at all times. - Students will be all rehearsals, on time, unless absent from school. - Students will not play instruments unless instructed to play. - Students will listen to, and follow, all instructions the first time. - Students will not touch/use anything that does not belong to them, or they do not have permission to touch/use. - Students must have their ride home at BMS by 4:00 PM. - Students will practice music taught to them each week. Failure to follow these expectations will result in dismissal from the club.