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The BMS Jazz Band is an extra curricular activity, that began in the 2013-14 school year.  It is open to all current band students at BMS (6th and 7th grade) with at least one year of experience on their instrument.  Students not in band that play guitar, bass guitar or piano can join the jazz band, with audition and the permission of the director.

The purpose of the Jazz Band is as follows:
  • To introduce jazz style articulation
  • To develop an appreciation of jazz music; it's leading musicians, composers and history
  • To introduce improvisation
  • To introduce the "Big Band" performance concept

We meet regularly on Thursdays from 3:05-4:05.  Students must be picked up by 4:10.  There is no bus that will take students home, and no staff will remain after the 4:10 time.  Students will need to bring their instrument (except for drum set) and a method book titled Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble.  The book is available at Marshall Music and A&R Music (and may be available at Southland Music).


DOWNRIVER JAZZ CLINIC DAY! The jazz ensemble will be taking part in the Downriver Music Guild Jazz Clinic Day on Tuesday, March 26th.  Students will get a chance to play in front of other jazz band students from throughout the downriver area, get insight from area jazz artists and hear other middle school and high school jazz bands perform.  We will depart after 1st hour, and return before 6th hour.  Cost is $10 per student, and covers transportation and lunch.  Deadline for Registration is Thursday, March 14th.    To register, click HERE.


Link to a full recording of "Blues Train"

Link to a full recording of "Comin' Home Baby"

Link to a full recording of "Rumba Latina"

Link to a full recording of "All of Me"

Recording of Perry The Platypus

Link to full recording of "Killer Joe"  Press the play button under the "listen" check mark
Link to full recording of "Five Note Blues"

Link to solo section recording (m 37-45) of "Five Note Blues"

"So What" - Remember, in this recording the solo section only plays once.  Take the second ending.

So What" demonstration solo

"So What" rhythm section only.  Use this to practice improvising along with a rhythm section.

Link to full recording of Swing State.

Use this link to practice your Swing State solo along with a recorded rhythm section.

Link to full recording of Listen Here.

Link to full recording of Elvin and the Hip Monks

Use this link to practice your Elvin and the Hip Monks solo with a rhythm section