N-BEAM: the New Band Electro-Acoustic Music consortium project

After the success of the RUSH commission in 2016, Mr. Mobley has taken on the role of torch bearer for new EA music for middle school concert bands.  In December 2016, after speaking with educators and composers at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, Illinois, he began securing composers with an ambitious goal - the commission of three new pieces of EA music over the course of three years.  

In March, 2017, Mr. Mobley received verbal confirmation from three established composers, securing their participation in the project, now titled "N-BEAM: the New Band Electro-Acoustic Music consortium."  Those composers, with year of premiere in parenthesis, are Benjamin Taylor (spring 2018), Daniel Montoya (spring 2019) and Alex Shapiro (spring 2020).  As the Consortium Lead School, BMS will have the honor and privilege of being the ensemble that presents the World Premiere of each composition.

We encourage you to go to the N-BEAM website.  We are also on social media, including Facebook and Twitter.  Please visit our pages, and share them with your friends online.

If you are a music educator, or wind ensemble director, and would like to participate in the N-BEAM consortium, you should contact Mr. Mobley via email.  If you would like more information about N-BEAM or are interested in making a donation towards the project, please contact Mr. Mobley