AGAIN IN 2020!

The BMS Bands have been invited to play the Star Spangled Banner on Thursday, April 30th.  Game time is 10:35 AM.

Price is yet to be determined.  Price will include the ticket, transportation (students only), and a meal voucher.  An additional fee will be required if your student needs a substitute for the pork hot dog due to a food allergy or religious practice.  

Parents, Please Be Advised: All adults attending the Mudhens game, using tickets purchased through the BMS Bands MUST fill out an IChat background check form.  If you already have a current one on file (forms are only valid for one school year), you will not need to turn in a second form.  In addition, adults will have to sign an Out of State Adult Chaperone form, which is available here.  These forms must be turned in to the BMS Band Director no later than March 25th.  Adults will not receive their tickets until they have cleared the IChat background check.  

Registration window is March 1st through 15th.

For the field trip, students will depart BMS during first hour, and will return during sixth hour.  They are responsible for all work in their classes that day.  They will use their normal mode of transportation to and from BMS.

Due to the difficulty level of the music, all members of the 7th grade are invited to participate.  Members of the 6th grade band, as well as the 6/7 beginning band have been invited to audition.  Auditions must take place by the March 4th.

Click here for a pdf of flip folio sized copies of the music.
Find your part, print and cut out.

Click here for link to a recording of the Star Spangled Banner

All students attending will need to meet school and district policies for attending field trips.  In addition, there will be a charge for attending.  That charge will include the cost of the ticket and transportation.  A matching shirt for the event, as a music flip folio and lyre must also be purchased, but will not be included as part of the field trip fee.  Flip folio and lyres can be purchased from A&R Music, Mike Carey Music, Marshall Music and Southland Music.

Students will be required to wear a matching purple "Warriors Band Together" shirt (to be purchased by the student/family), blue jeans, and tennis shoes.

Please keep checking this page, as more details will be posted as they become available.