Reed, B

Mr. Reed's Math Class


Student responsibilities

1. Take good notes in class when material is presented.

2. Complete homework on time.

3.  Check odd numbered homework problems from the back of the book before arriving to class.  Check all other homework from the homework answer board in class.

4.  MOST important:  Make corrections to homework so you learn from your mistakes.  Ask for help when needed!

Homework Policy
Homework is designed to be done lesson by lesson and checked as a class.  Therefore late work will not be accepted for any reason unless a student is absent.  Homework will be checked for completion if it is the first day we have learned a concept.  Homework will be checked and graded for correctness if we have worked on the content for more than 1 day.  Assignments that you see posted out of 2 points were checked for completion.  Assignments posted out of 5 points were checked for correctness using a clicker system in class.  It is very important the students fix errors on all assignments to learn from their mistakes.   
The 7th grade math textbook is entirely online.  Log in information for the 7th grade textbook is located below.
Username:  mrreed
Password:  bms