Class News and Updates!

WELCOME TO OUR 7th Grade Life Skills Class!

*To access the review information for each quiz, click the calendar link and then click on the quiz you would like the information for.

    Today begins a new trimester (Life Skills.)  Throughout this class, our students  will learn to evaluate, coordinate, and function in multiple adult roles of day-to-day living.  We will begin our first unit on Skill-Building Monday, 12/8/17.  There will be bi-weekly quizzes, the first covering unit #1 will be given on Thursday, 12/21/17.  Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

    Today is our unit #1 test.  We will begin unit #2 (Safe & Sound) on Monday January 8th where your child will explore their feelings and emotions along with stress management and communication techniques, refusal skills, and bullying prevention.  The next test covering this material will be given on Friday, January 19th.

Today is our Unit #2 (part #2) test.  We will begin our Tobacco unit on Monday.  The next test on this unit will be given on Friday, 2/16/18.

    Today was our unit #3 test (Tobacco.)  Wednesday we will begin unit #4 (Drugs.)  The next test on unit #4 will be given on 3/2/18.  Have a great weekend!