Classroom Rules & Procedures

Mrs. Rozenboom’s Classroom Rules and Procedures

Expectations and Responsibilities

       Be Responsible—when entering class everyday (on time), you will have the first five minutes past the start of class to complete your opener (record the lesson for the day in your planner and complete your journal writing).  Please be sure to copy ALL LESSON INFORMATION FROM THE OVERHEAD.  Planners and journals will be spot checked periodically.


        If you are absent it is your responsibility to do the following three things when you return:  1.-Record the assignment that you missed (located in the class planner) into your own planner.  2.-Check your hour assignment folder for handouts or worksheets that you missed (they will have your name on them).  3.-Check with the teacher last for any further instruction.  Some assignments cannot be made up due to their nature (video notes, discussion, etc.).


      *** No gum chewing or snacks in class (a lunch detention will be issued).


           Be Respectfulraise your hand, be called on by teacher for assistance, asking questions or responding to questions.  There is no talking while the teacher is talking.  Talking is allowed during group activities.  “GIVE ME FIVE” will be your cue to sit quietly and give your very best listening to the teacher.


           Be Safe—all four legs of the chair must remain on the floor at all times.  Do not run in the classroom.  Keep your hands (and property) to yourself (NO EXCUSES).


           Be Prepared—it is your responsibility to come to class with ALL materials needed.  This includes pens/pencils.  Pencils may be loaned out for a dime (or possibly collateral), but need to be turned back in by the end of the period.


           Textbooks are not to leave the room.  They can be checked out overnight at the end of the day if necessary.


           Restroom and other passes will be used for emergency only.  When using a pass (with permission), you must sign bring me your planner to sign out, planners must stay with you at all times in the hall.  If there is no planner and it is an emergency, a lunch detention will be your pass. 



We work in teams a majority of the time.

      Team Jobs: Leader, spokesperson, recorder, and helper

      Each group of 4-8 students will make up a team (your group has a team name).

      There will also be weekly individual jobs assigned (paper manager & maintenance.)


Expectations for Assignments

  1. All assignments handed in must be your neatest work (complete sentences are required) and turned in on time, place them in the correct basket located next to the calendar board (1st hr, 2nd hr, 3rd hr and so on.).  Late assignments will only be accepted up to one week late (the later the assignment is turned in, more points will be deducted).  As long as the assignment is turned in on time, re-dos are possible.  3 missing assignments=detention. 
  2. All assignments MUST have your name on it!  No name, a point will be deducted and placed in the assignment folder.
  3. All papers must be kept in your folder including previous labs, worksheets, handouts, quizzes, and tests.  DO NOT stick papers in a textbook or folder for another class.  This will keep you from staying organized.  There may be spot checks on folders.  Do not throw anything away.  You may need these things to help you study for a quiz or verify a grade.
  4. Journals for bellwork are to be kept in the classroom at all times.  I will provide a space for your materials that do not leave the room.


Consequences if a student chooses not to follow the rules:


  1. warning 
  2. Think Sheet and/or seat change 
  3. lunch detention and phone call home
  4. after school detention and/or referral to office

          Instant Referral

  1. Any physical contact with anyone
  2. Vandalism
  3. Refusal to allow the teacher to teach or the other students to learn (work).

Grading System

* Daily assignments/Group Work= 20 points (must be complete and directions followed)

  • Homework assignments= 30 points (3 or 4)
  • Quizzes= 40 points (twice a month on Fridays)
  • Participation= 10% of grade

Grade Scale:


       100-97  A+                          86-84  B                            73-70  C-

       96-94  A                              83-80  B-                           69-67  D+

       93-90  A-                            79-77 C+                            66-64  D

       89-87  B+                           76-74  C                             63-60  D-