Classroom Policies

Classroom Policies:

  1. Students will respect the rights of others. Behavior that interferes with the learning of others will not be tolerated.
  2. Students are expected to bring all necessary materials to class daily, which includes their textbook, notebook, homework, pencil/pen, and student planner. Students will not be sent back to their locker if anything is forgotten.
  3. Except for emergencies, students will not be allowed to leave the classroom once class begins. Hall passes are to be used for these emergencies. Students must have their planner with them to receive a hall pass.
  4. Gum, food, drinks, and/or cell phones are not permitted in the classroom. If caught with these items, detention will be issued.
  5. Student misconduct for a substituted teacher will result in an automatic 2 hour after-school detention.
  6. Tardy Policy - Students are expected to be to class on time and ready to work when the bell rings.
    Third Tardy - 1 hour after-school detention
    Fourth Tardy - 2 hour after-school detention
    FifthTardy - office referral

Assignment & Homework Policies:

All assignments (unless told otherwise) will be completed inside a composition notebook. Everything must be completed in pencil; ink pens will only be used for checking work in class. Students are expected to do all work in complete sentences to receive credit.  Sloppy work is unacceptable. In this situation, students may be asked to redo an assignment or receive a zero.

Homework - Any assignment that is not finished in class becomes homework.

Late/Missing work - Accepted for most assignments; however, they must be turned in within one week of the original due date. Late work will be docked 20%, which means the highest grade it could receive is 80%. Extra copies of assignments will not be available. I update my gradebook frequently, so please check your child's grade on Parent Portal to make sure they avae turned in their work. Any blank scores are missing assignments.

Absences -
When a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to complete all missed work and turn in anything that was collected while absent. When returning to school, an absent student must check the absent work planner, which is where daily assignments will be logged. A missing or incomplete assignment that resulted from an absence and is not made up promptly will receive a zero grade.

Daily Openers & Learning Targets - Each day when class begins students are expected to write the learning target and answer the opener question by writing the question and a complete sentences answer. These will be collected every 2 weeks.

Cheating - This will automatically result in a zero and detention will be issued.


Grades will be determined by a student’s achievement (points earned out of poitns possible) on daily openers & learning targets, classwork & homework, projects, participation, quizzes, and tests. Please see your child's planner for the grading scale.