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If you have internet access, the textbook has MANY available resources online.  There is a Study Central, which offers an in-depth section-based review.  The Section Review and Main Ideas summarize and reinforce each section’s content, help to build study skills, and offer different content-based games.  Build Vocabulary provides each glossary term with a definition and an example of its correct usage, as well as a “Flying Answers” interactive game.  Take Notes supplies graphic organizers that can be filled out by students as they study.  Quiz offers a self-check quiz for every section.  Students can also have fun and challenge themselves with an E-Puzzle or Game based on the chapter content.  Vocabulary flash cards can also be printed from this website.  To view these online resources, type the address below and select the correct textbook title from the appropriate social studies topic.


Ancient History book: Under “World History” click on the book’s link:   
Journey Across Time, The Early Ages, 2008.