Weekly Agenda

Rest of the Year

Students will tour PHMS either Mon, Tues, or Wed depending on their 1st hour teacher.  Students should be back by 3rd hour but these tours will impact my 1st and 2nd hour classes. 

Monday 6/3/19
Lesson 12- Where does carbon dioxide go next?
- revisit driving question board and wrap up the unit
1st hour
- study guide for unit test, finish for homework
2nd - 5th hour
- Kahoot review

Tuesday 6/4/19
1st hour
- go over the study guide
- Kahoot review
2-5th hours
- study guide for unit, finish for homework

Wednesday 6/5/19
1st hour
- PHMS tour
2-5th hours
- go over the study guide
- review for the unit test

Thursday 6/6/19
- unit test 

Friday 6/7/19
- discuss the year

Monday 6/10/19
- go over unit test

Tuesday 6/11/19
1/2 day dismissal at 11:15
- school awards assembly

Wednesday 6/12/19
1/2 day dismissal at 11:15
- school activity/incentive day